Airfix 1/72 Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.3

Product code: AX04055
Kit Features;
  • 2 x marking options -
  1. No.I (F) Squadron, HMS Hermes Air Group, South Atlantic, May 1982.
  2. No.4 (R) Squadron, Royal Air Force Guterslah, Royal Air Force Germany, 1980.
  • Paint call outs for Humbrol
  • Length 198mm, width 107mm, 110 parts
  • Landing gear up or down option
  • Choice of two different nose cones included
  • Full weapon load included
  • 2013 new tooled kit

Developed in the 1960s as the first truly successful V/STOL combat aircraft, the Hawker Siddeley Harrier proved a revelation upon entering service in its earliest form, the GR/1. However, some improvements could be made & it came in the GR.3, which featured better sensors in the nose & tail, as well as a more powerful version of the Rolls Royce Pegasus engine.

The GR.3 was the first of the Harrier variants to see combat, joining operation Corporate, the re-taking of the Falkland Islands, engaging Argentine Argentine forces in ground attack missions. Replaced by the GR.5 Harrier II, the GR.3 proved itself to be a capable & successful combat aircraft.

GTIN 5014429040559
Brand Airfix
Product Code AX04055
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