AK Interactive Aluminium Palette (6 wells)

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  • Aluminium Palette containing 6 wells 
  • Useful for mixing paint, enamel washes, oils, pigments & more
  • Sturdy durable design
  • Easily & safely cleanable with harsher chemicals such as IPA or Cellulose Thinners without damaging the product
  • An essential modelling tool
AK Interactive Aluminium Palette 6 wells is an essential modelling tool not just useful for mixing paint but many other products such as different types of enamel weathering products, oils, pigments & more. A palette allows a surface to produce custom colours by allowing you to mix your own tones from colours you have as well as adding & mixing in the desired amount of water or thinner to get the right consistency.

Many pre mixed enamel products benefit from being decanted as when they are mixed they soon begin to settle & there is the risk of knocking over the product that would waste it & possible ruin your work so it makes sense to decant the desired amount onto a palette to work from.

Getting the right tones by mixing weathering products such as oils & pigments is essential to add the finishing touches to your model & using this palette is an easy way to do this.

The sturdy & durable design of this product means that it is easily cleaned with chemicals such as IPA or Cellulose Thinners without the risk of damaging the palette which means this purchase really will last you for all your projects to come.

Top Tip: why not top this palette with tin foil when in use & then when finished simply remove & throw away to save on the cleaning.

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Product Code AK00612
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