AK Interactive Dark Wash for Wood Decks

Product code: AK00301
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  • 35ml size container
  • Specifically designed for modelling
  • Helps to achieve volume on your models 
  • Part of the AK Naval Series
  • Specially designed for use on wooden decks
  • Can be thinned or removed with white spirit or odourless thinners
  • Enamel product
AK Interactive Dark Wash for Wood Decks has been specifically designed for weathering the wooden decks found on some ships but can of course be used on any subject where a wooden effect is needed.

This wash has been designed to when applied help achieve more volume on the surface of your model. 

Allow the wash to settle into the recesses of the chosen area, then simply remove or clean up with either white spirit or odourless thinners to achieve your required effect.

Adding a wash to your model is one of the most basic weathering effects to do but has a massive impact on the overall appearance giving a sense of realism.

This product can be thinned with white spirit or odourless thinners should you require & can be mixed with other enamel washes to vary the tone if needed.

Top Tip - As this is an enamel product it is advisable to use it on top of a layer of acrylic paint or clear coat as the two products will not react together, to use this over an enamel product could cause the two to react together & could spoil your hard work.

This product does benefit from a good shake before using as it does tend to settle. Decanting the required amount of product onto a palette can sometimes be a good idea as this gives you added control & more consistent results.


GTIN 8436535573016
Brand AK Interactive
Product Code AK00301
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