AK Interactive Engines & Metal Weathering Set

Product code: AK00087
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Set contains  -
  • AK Engine Grime AK082
  • AK Track Wash AK083
  • AK Engine Oil AK084
  • AK Track Rust Pigments AK085
  • AK Dark Steel Pigments AK2043
  • 5 x 35ml size containers
  • Specially designed for producing realistic weathering effects on engines & metal objects
  • Set contains 3 x enamel effects & 2 x pigments
  • Enamel products can be thinned or mixed as desired to vary tones 
  • Pigments can be mixed with other pigments to vary the tone 
  • Pigments can be fixed with pigment fixer or thinners
  • Can be used on a multitude of different modelling subjects
AK Interactive Engines & Metal Weathering Set contains five products that have been specially designed to be used to weather engines & metal parts of your models.

AK Track Rust Pigments accurately produce the effect of rusted vehicle tracks & can be mixed with other pigments or pastel shavings to vary the tone if required & can be set in place with pigment fixer or thinners if needed.

AK Dark Steel Pigments have been specially designed for giving a metallic highlight to metal parts of your models such as tank tracks & pioneer tools. 

AK Track Wash has been specially designed to weather vehicle tracks.

AK Engine grime gives the realistic effect of accumulated dry grime on engines, gear parts & any type of machinery.

AK Engine Oil has a glossy finish to accurately represent fresh engine oil for use on engines, mechanisms & any type of machinery.  

The enamel products can be easily removed with white spirit or odourless thinners if needed.

This weathering set offers a smart way to get all engines & metal effects in one package.

Top Tip - As this is an enamel product it is advisable to use it on top of a layer of acrylic paint or clear coat as the two products will not react together, to use this over an enamel product could cause the two to react together & could spoil your hard work.

This product does benefit from a good shake before using as it does tend to settle. Decanting the required amount of product onto a palette can sometimes be a good idea as this gives you added control & more consistent results.

Top Tip - when using pigments its always a good idea to place kitchen paper or a easily removable protective layer down over the surface of your work space as using pigments can be messy at times.

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Brand AK Interactive
Product Code AK00087
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