AK Interactive NATO Weathering set

Product code: AK00073
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Set contains  -
  • AK Rain Marks for NATO Tanks AK074
  • AK Wash For NATO AK075
  • AK Filter for NATO AK076
  • 3 x 35ml size containers
  • Specially designed for producing realistic weathering effects on NATO camouflaged subjects
  • Set contains 1 x enamel wash, 1 x enamel rain marks effect & 1 x enamel filter
  • Enamel products can be thinned or mixed as desired to vary tones 
  • Can be used on a multitude of different modelling subjects
AK Interactive Weathering Set For NATO Vehicles is part of the AK AFV series & contains three products that have been specially designed to be used to realistically weather vehicles with NATO camouflage colours but of course can be used on any subject you wish.

AK Rain Marks for NATO Tanks product is used by painting vertical lines of the product on the side plates of your vehicle with a fine brush then stumping with white spirit or odourless thinners.

AK Wash for NATO is used to add volume to the surface of your model by applying the product to the recesses the cleaning the excess with white spirit or odourless thinners.

AK Filter for NATO is used by applying the product in a thin coat over the desired area subtly changing the tone of the paint underneath adding depth & richness to your model.

These products can be mixed with other enamel weathering products to vary the tone if required & can be easily cleaned up or removed with white spirit or odourless thinners if needed.

This weathering set offers a smart way to get all NATO effects in one package.

Top Tip - As this is an enamel product it is advisable to use it on top of a layer of acrylic paint or clear coat as the two products will not react together, to use this over an enamel product could cause the two to react together & could spoil your hard work.

This product does benefit from a good shake before using as it does tend to settle. Decanting the required amount of product onto a palette can sometimes be a good idea as this gives you added control & more consistent results.

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Brand AK Interactive
Product Code AK00073
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