AK Interactive Neutral Grey Filter

Product code: AK04161
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  • 35ml size container
  • Specifically designed for modelling
  • Neural colour for all subjects
  • Can be removed with white spirit or odourless thinners
  • Enamel product
AK Interactive Neutral Grey Filter has been specifically designed to create realistic weathering effects & the fact that it is a neutral grey colour means its perfect to use on any subject you wish. 

This product is used by applying a thin coat over the desired area subtly changing the tone of the paint underneath adding depth & richness to your model. Different areas of your model can be finished with different tones of filters to give very attractive results.

The fact that this product can be easily removed means its impossible to make a mistake as you can simply remove any unwanted effects with white spirit or odourless thinners.

Top Tip - As this is an enamel product it is advisable to use it on top of a layer of acrylic paint or clear coat as the two products will not react together, to use this over an enamel product could cause the two to react together & could spoil your hard work.

This product does benefit from a good shake before using as it does tend to settle. Decanting the required amount of product onto a palette can sometimes be a good idea as this gives you added control & more consistent results.

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Brand AK Interactive
Product Code AK04161
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