AK Interactive Odourless Thinner 100ml

Product code: AK00050
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  • High quality odourless thinner specifically designed for modelling
  • 100ml size bottle
  • Can be used with both enamel products & oil paints
  • Useful for weathering effects such as filters, washes & grime effects as well as cleaning paint brushes
  • Softer than white spirit for more delicate blending work
AK Interactive Odourless Thinner 100ml is a high quality product that has as been specifically designed for use in scale modelling. 

Odourless thinners work in the same way as white spirit but have the added advantage of being odourless which brings the obvious advantage of not breathing in the strong fumes when working for long periods on your weathering projects.
Odourless thinners are also softer than white spirit making them the perfect choice for more delicate blending work.

This is an essential product for use in weathering your models with weathering mediums such as oil paints & enamel products for tasks such as applying washes, filters & grime effects.

The product can be used to thin down oil paints & enamel products to use as washes, filters or grime effects or simply removing these products from areas of your model you don't want it whilst leaving the effect in the areas you do.

AK Interactive odourless thinners can also be used to clean your brushes after use especially after the use of oil & enamel products.

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Brand AK Interactive
Product Code AK00050
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