AK Interactive Pigment Fixer

Product code: AK00048
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  • 35ml size container
  • Specially designed for modelling
  • Specially produced pigment fixer designed for the adhesion of pigments to any surface 
  • Can be applied via brush, pipette or airbrush 
  • Enamel product
AK Interactive Pigment Fixer has been specially designed for the strong adhesion of pigments of all kinds to any surface of your model. 

This enamel product if fantastic for locking down layers of pigments to your model & is incredibly useful for layering many tones of pigments to create your desired effect. Doing this will give you much more control over the tones you are trying to create by locking the first tone in place stopping it getting mixed & muddled with the following layers.

This product is also useful to stop the smudging of pigments if you know you may need to continue to handle the model & will cut the risk of leaving fingerprint in the pigments or getting them in unwanted areas as this will ruin the final look of your work.

This product can be applied with a pipette style dropper, with a paintbrush by gently using a tapping motion above the required area or airbrushed on using low pressure.

Top Tip - when using pigment fixer with a paint brush try to avoid touching the pigments them selves with the brush just tap the brush above them to produce drops as this will avoid smearing the pigments leaving an unwanted effect, also if applying via airbrush make sure to use low pressure to avoid blowing & removing the pigments. 

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Brand AK Interactive
Product Code AK00048
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