AK Interactive Pipettes Small Size (12 pack)

Product code: AK00614
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  • Set of 12 Pipettes by AK Interactive
  • Useful for all kinds of paint mixing 
  • A cleaner mess free way to mix your paints
  • Also useful for the application of pigment fixer onto your models or dioramas 
AK Interactive Pipettes Small Size (12 pack) are a very useful tool for modelling. These Pipettes give you the ability to mix paints one drop at a time allowing for very accurate paint mixes.

One of the benefits of using Pipettes for paint mixing is being able to work in a much cleaner way saving time on cleanup and avoiding getting paint where it is not wanted.
These Pipettes can also be used for the application of Pigment Fixer or Odourless Thinners accurately onto the pigments on your model or diorama to fix them into place.

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Brand AK Interactive
Product Code AK00614
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