AK Interactive Real Colours High Compatibility Thinner 200ml

Product code: AKRC701
£10.69 £8.91 (ex. VAT)
  • 200ml size container
  • Very high quality thinner
  • Works well with AK Real Colour paints
  • Suitable for thinning similar paints to the AK Real Colours range
  • Use to thin paints before airbrushing
  • Can be used to thin paints before brush painting

AK Interactive High Compatibility Thinner has been especially designed for use with AK Real colours paints. Due to the products high compatibility, it is suitable to thin other similar acrylic paints.

When airbrushing thinning your paint to the required consistency is essential to allow your paint to spay correctly & produce the required results.

Not just the typical thinner, this product ideal for creating the perfect paint consistency for brush painting.

GTIN 8436564924438
Brand AK Interactive
Product Code AKRC701
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