AK Interactive Synthetic Flat Brush (size 2)

Product code: AK00609
  • Synthetic flat brush size 2
  • Useful for painting & weathering with many different products
  • Specifically designed for modelling
  • Smaller size allows for use in smaller areas of your model
AK Interactive Flat Brush size 2 has been specifically designed for use in scale modelling & the fact that it is synthetic means you can use & clean it with more harsher products such as oil paints, enamel products, white spirit & odourless thinners without fear of damaging & wearing out your finest & most expensive brushes.

The flat nature of the brush means it is ideal for weathering tasks such as applying filters, streaking effects, blending & blurring oil paints or removing excess of wash from where it is not wanted.


GTIN 8436535576093
Brand AK Interactive
Product Code AK00609
Weight 0.01kg