AK Interactive Synthetic Round Brush (size 4)

Product code: AK00605
  • Useful for painting & weathering with many different products
  • Specifically designed for modelling
  • The round & pointed nature of this brush means its ideal for tasks such as applying general washes to your models
  • Suitable for painting or use with weathering products
AK Interactive Round Brush size 4 has been specifically designed for use in scale modelling & the fact that it is synthetic means you can use & clean it with more harsher products such as oil paints, enamel products, white spirit & odourless thinners without fear of damaging & wearing out your finest & most expensive brushes.

Being a round pointed brush gives the user the ability to apply weathering products such as oil or enamel washes accurately onto the desired areas of your models with the larger size of brush holding more of the product used & of course this brush can be used for the application of paint. 

GTIN 8436535576055
Brand AK Interactive
Product Code AK00605
Weight 0.01kg