Amusing Hobby 1/35 Centurion Mk.5 AVRE

Product code: AH35A035
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Kit Features;
  • 2020 boxing of the 2020 new tooled kit
  • Individual link cement free workable tracks
  • Metal springs included
  • Fine turret cast texture
  • Single piece slide molded gun barrel 
  • Photo etch parts included
  • Paint call outs include - Mig Ammo
  • 3 x marking options -
  1. Batus Scheme.
  2. Desert Scheme.
  3. NATO Scheme.

The Centurion was introduced in 1945 & would go on to become the British Army's main battle tank of post WWII. The vehicle remained in production into the 1960s & is widely regarded as one of the most successful post war tank designs.

The Centurion would see front line combat all around the world with different countries including the British Army in Korea, The Royal Australian Armoured Corps in Vietnam, The Indo-Pakistan War, by Israel in the Six Day War as well as others. Some Centurions were still in service up until the 1990s.

The Centurion Mk.V AVRE saw service in 1991 in the Gulf War as combat engineer vehicles.  

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Brand Amusing Hobby
Product Code AH35A035
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