Friul Model 1/35 M41-Walker Bulldog, M42 Duster, M44, T37, M53, M84, M75, M52 T91ES Type Tracks

Product code: ATL-080
  • Metal tank tracks
  • 160 individual track links
  • 180 nuts & bolts
  • Wire to obtain the track pivots included
  • Instructions for assembly included 
  • Designed to be used with 1/35 M41 - Walker Bulldog, M42 - Duster, M44, T37, M53, M84, M75, M52 T91E3 Type model kits
Friul Model tank tracks are designed to replace the original tracks of your AFV kits & add a much improved level of realism to your work.

There is no better way to accurately depict the the feeling of weight or realistic track sag present on real tank tracks than with metal aftermarket ones.

This set contains 160 individual metal track links, 180 nuts & bolts & a wire to obtain the track pivots.

One of the best & easiest ways to realistically weather tank tracks is to use aftermarket metal ones in conjunction with a burnishing liquid. This gives a very attractive dirty & rusty effect with nice tonal variation, mimicking the worn & used effect often seen on the real thing.

Brand Friul Model
Product Code ATL-080
Weight 0.21kg