ICM 1/48 Do 17Z-2 WWII Finnish Bomber

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Kit Features;
  • 2018 boxing of the 2015 new tooled kit
  • Length: 330mm, wingspan: 375mm, parts: 243
  • Full bomb load included
  • Bomb bay can be built open or closed
  • Detailed engine parts
  • Paint call outs include Revell
  • 2 x marking options -
  1. Dornier Do 17Z-2, 3/LeLv 46, Finnish Air Force, February 1942.
  2. Dornier Do 17Z-2, 2/LeLv 46, Finnish Air Force, Autumn 1942.
The Dornier Do 17Z-2 was designed by the German Dornier Flugzeugwerke company in the 1930s as a fast lightweight bomber, with the theory being its speed would mean it could out run any defending fighter aircraft. The slender fuselage of the aircraft led to its nickname 'The Flying Pencil'.

The first combat use of the Do 17 would be during the Spanish Civil war where Luftwaffe pilots would receive good practise for what would follow later in WWII. During the opening stages of WWII the Do 17 would perform well against lesser opposition, however the tide would turn in 1940 when it was seriously outclassed when faced with fighter aircraft over Britain.

The later modifications of the aircraft (Z-2) would see the engines replaced with the new Bramo 323P-1 1.000 hp engine. This decreased supercharger power at low altitudes & improved low level performance. The increase in take-off power allowed the aircraft's bomb load to be increased, but with the extra weight the combat range was decreased to a very short 330km.

Armament was also upgraded, with another pair of guns firing out of the sides of the upper part of the cockpit, but with all three guns having to be fired by a single gunner, with the aircraft having a crew of three, they could only be fired one at a time. 

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