ICM 1/48 He 111H-6 WWII German Bomber

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Kit Features;
  • 2018 boxing of the 2017 new tooled kit
  • Length: 344mm, wingspan: 471mm, parts: 325
  • Full bomb load  + torpedo included
  • Full engine detail
  • 4 x marking options -
  1. He 111H-6, 3/KG.26, Norway, Summer 1941.
  2. He 111H-6, Stab I/KG.26, Bardufoss, Norway, July 1942.
  3. He 111H-6, 8/KG.53, Poland 1941.
  4. He 111H-6, 6./KG.27, Russia, November 1941.

The Heinkel He 111 was a German aircraft first designed in 1934. Although to the outside world designed as a civilian aircraft, in secret the He 111 was designed to provide the Luftwaffe with a fast medium bomber. By the beginning of WWII this most distinctively shaped aircraft, with its extensive greenhouse glazed nose, was the most numerous German bomber in operation.

At the outset of the War the He 111 fared well, but its weak defensible armament would mean a change in fortune when faced with British fighter aircraft during the Battle of Britain. The aircraft would go on to see extensive service during WWII in areas including the Western Front, Eastern Front, Mediterranean, Middle East & North Africa performing roles including strategic bomber, torpedo bomber, medium bomber & transport.

The H variant was the most widely produced in the series & would see the most action of the War with its more powerful 1,100 hp Jumo 211 engines & better armament than previous versions. 

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