Meng 1/700 KM Bismarck

Product code: MNGPS-003
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Kit features;
  • Waterline or full hull options
  • Snap fit design
  • Pre coloured plastic parts
  • Stand included
  • Paint call outs for Meng
  • 2017 new tooled kit
After the scuttling of the German High Seas fleet at the end of WWI Germany effectively had lost their Navy. In 1935 Nazi Germany started the design of a new battleship, Bismarck. Germany could not out build the Royal Navy, but instead designed a powerful modern warship.

The design of the Bismarck included a raked bow giving her good sailing quality & a top speed of 30 knots.

Her main armament consisted of 8 x 15-inch guns that were of a very modern nature with excellent armour penetration. Other armament included 12x 5.9-inch guns, 16 x 4.1-inch guns, 16 x 1.5-inch guns as well as 12 x flak 30 guns.

Britain considered her such a threat that when Bismarck & her heavy cruiser escort Prinz Eugen finally went to sea ships including British flagship battlecruiser HMS Hood along with battleship HMS Prince of Wales were sent to intercept them in what would become known as the Battle of the Denmark Straight.

It was during this battle Bismarck sunk HMS Hood with the loss of all but three of her crew as one of her shells penetrated the deck armour of Hood causing a massive explosion breaking the ship in half. Now alone & suffering damage HMS Prince of Wales would retreat.

A large British force was now dispatched to find & sink the Bismarck. 

After such an impressive display of firepower from Bismarck it was ironic that her fate would be sealed by an unlikely source. Antiquated Fairey Swordfish biplanes were sent to attack the Bismarck from HMS Ark Royal, with one managing to score a hit that disabled her rudder making steering impossible.

Effectively sailing in circles, the Bismarck was closed in on by battleships HMS Rodney & new battleship HMS King George V. After 40 minutes of firing from the British ships Bismarck's guns had become silent. During the battle HMS Rodney would close in & fired her 16 inch guns at close range causing huge damage to the German ship.

Heavy cruiser HMS Dorsetshire was ordered to finish Bismarck off with torpedo fire, but it is reported her crew had already detonated charges to scuttle the ship. Bismarck finally slipped below the surface & sank at 10:40 not surviving her first & only mission.

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Product Code MNGPS-003
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