Meng 1/700 USS Lexington CV-2

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Kit features;
  • Decals included
  • Waterline or full hull options
  • Snap fit design
  • Pre coloured plastic parts
  • Stand included
  • Aircraft included - F4F Wildcat, SBD Dauntless, TBD Devastator
  • Paint call outs for Meng
  • Length: 387mm, Width: 56mm
  • 2016 new tooled kit
At the time of her construction USS Lexington had been designed as a battlecruiser, these heavily armed but fast warships were being built by other Navy's around the world to combine speed & firepower. However the Washington Treaty that severely restricted Naval power meant that all US battleships & battlecruisers under construction were cancelled. Luckily the two Lexington class battlecruisers were allowed to be converted into aircraft carriers.

USS Lexington & her sister ship USS Saratoga were completed & commissioned in the U.S. Navy in the late 1920s.

The Lexington class had many features of modern aircraft carriers such as an enclosed bow, single full length flight deck, an island structure on the starboard side & a single hanger deck. Compared to other aircraft carriers at the time USS Lexington was better in size, performance & vitally could carry more aircraft.  

During the 1930s the she would go on to take part in several Naval exercises, exploring the operational tactics of carrier based aircraft, carrier fleets & allowed for the testing of new aircraft.

During the Second World War in February 1942 USS Lexington would be attacked bu Japanese aircraft, flying from the Lexington Lieutenant Edward O'Hare shot down 5 enemy aircraft flying an F4F Wildcat, becoming the first U.S. Navy flying ace.

The Lexington went on to take part in operations against the Japanese at Lae & Salamaua supported by USS Yorktown.

USS Lexington would also take part in actions in the Coral Sea, the first all carrier battle, with U.S. Navy aircraft sinking Japanese aircraft carrier Shoho, & damaging another aircraft carrier Shokaku.

It was in the Coral Sea that Lexington would meet her fate, after being attacked by Japanese aircraft & hit by two bombs & two torpedoes. An explosion would be caused by fuel vapours leaking into the enclosed hanger causing an explosion & untimely her to sink.

Lessons were learned from her sinking & future U.S. carriers would be built with an open sided hanger bay design.


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Product Code MNGPS-002
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