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The painting stage is always an exciting time for model makers and here you will find a wide range of paints to use and add to your collection.

Our stock includes some of the most in-demand modelling paints. Including:

Other brands include Tamiya, Xtracrylic and Mr Hobby.

Bring your kits to life with industry-leading model paints, thinners, cleaners, varnishes and more.

All the paints and paint accessories needed to finish or reinvigorate your scale models are right here. If you have any questions at all about choosing the right paint type, or how to get started painting your model — just ask. We will be happy to help.


  1. What kind of paint do models use?

Acrylic paints for models are the standard. This is because acrylic paint tends to be easier to work with and easily thinned if mixed with water. Enamel paint is also commonly used. It is thicker and more permanent, and ideal if you want to achieve a more durable finish that won’t easily wear away.

  1. Do you paint a model before assembling?

It depends. Follow the instructions of your scale model closely. Some will recommend that you begin painting after the kit is assembled. Others will recommend priming and painting all of the parts before constructing them together.

  1. Can you paint a diecast model?

Yes. Many modellers enjoy painting or repainting existing diecast models.

  1. How do you paint a model with acrylic paint?

Use thin coats to really distinguish and bring out the shapes of the surface details. Thick coats may cover over and fill in grooves in your model, which could make it harder to add highlighting washes. Acrylic model paints are easy to apply with airbrushes and brushes.