Mr Cement SPB (Black)

Product code: MC-132
  • Super thin plastic cement glue
  • Black colour
  • Quick setting formula 
  • 40mm size container
  • Bonds Styrene plastic
  • Complete with 1 x high precision brush applicator

Mr Cement SP is a super thin plastic cement style adhesive with added black coloured dye that melts plastic together resulting in a very strong bond. Simply hold the kit parts together then use the high precision brush to apply the adhesive along join lines & the super thin nature of the glue will be drawn into the required area due to capillary action.

The added black colour allows you to easily see where the glue has been applied & remove any excess. 

The Quick Setting formula of this glue means it dries & bonds plastic much quicker than Mr Cement S, meaning you can progress with your work at a quicker rate, not having to allow a longer time for pieces to dry.

A high precision brush is included giving you added accuracy & control when applying the cement & the product is used to glue Styrene plastic.

Top Tip - If using rubber bands or masking tape to hold parts of your model together, when applying Mr Cement don't be tempted to glue all the way up to the rubber bands or masking tape as the capillary action of the adhesive may cause it to flow around them leaving an unwanted mark on your model. Instead glue the areas away from the rubber bands or masking tape then later remove them & glue the remaining area.

GTIN 4973028736434
Brand Mr Hobby
Product Code MC-132
Weight 0.11kg