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Unleash your artistic and creative passion with our plastic model kits. These plastic model kits for sale are inspired by humanity, history, imagination and conflict. And we're confident you'll find a model you'll love. 

We only stock the leading brands. Including Airfix models, Meng, Takom, Zvezda, Eduard, Trumpeter, I.C.M. model kits and more. So you can guarantee all of our models and paint sets are premium quality, even if they are low in price. 

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Create the ultimate world war diorama with our battleships, boeings, tanks and other collectables. 

It's no secret that lots of people who buy plastic model kits online also enjoy military models. That's why we are pleased to say that we stock a huge selection of military models from the history of modern warfare. Including the enduringly popular WW2 model kits, from royal navy destroyers to panzers. We also stock a variety of cool model cars that operated in major conflicts too.

Our comprehensive range of aircraft models features hawkers, junkers, messerschmitts, luftwaffe fighters to lockheed — and of course the original RAF jets & aircraft such as the supermarine spitfire.

Wage war on land, the oceans and the air with our military vehicles catalogue. 

Sci-fi model kits

We also have a modest but very cool selection of sci-fi model kits. Featuring some of the most iconic vehicles from Star Wars and Star Trek (including AT-ATs, X-wings and the USS Enterprise). Along with some very cool alien-themed Revell flying saucer models for you to assemble. 


1. What is a plastic model kit?

A plastic model kit is a plastic model, normally to scale, that is a representation of either a real or imagined object (such as a fighter jet or the Star Trek Enterprise). Hobbyists and people who just want a bit of fun assemble them to put on static display. 

Plastic kit features can vary by expertise. Some are “snap-together” models. Others are far more advanced and require special tools, paints, and even cements.

2. What are the benefits of building a model kit?

There’s lots of fun and a sense of personal accomplishment in building plastic models. But that’s not all. Plastic kits can be a great collaborative exercise with friends, children, or family. It’ll exercise your artistic skills, test your organisational capabilities, and can be a great way to let off steam at the end of a long day. As an added bonus, you’ll learn encyclopedic knowledge about the model you’re building also.

3. How long do plastic models last?

The quick answer: at least 30+ years. We only stock the most reputable, highest-quality plastic model paint kits. Minus the wear and tear of decades in a room with changing light and temperature over time, it’s very unlikely you’ll see any actual deterioration for decades. 

Years ago, some manufacturers used poor materials and even lead in their products which lead to model deterioration over time. But the biggest and best brands have long since stopped using these compromising materials.

4. What does it mean to create a scale model?

A scale model is a smaller copy of the actual size of the real life object it is supposed to represent. When a model is “scaled down” it actually keeps the same relative proportions and physical size of its real life equivalent. So for example, you might have a scale model representation of an aircraft that is 200 times smaller than the real thing. But if you could magically make your model 200x bigger, it would look almost identical to the real life equivalent.

5. How do model scales work?

Models come in lots of scale sizes. The most popular being ranging from 1/4 to 1/24 to 1/35, 1/48 and 1/72. These sizes are sometimes also represented with colons (e.g. 1:4 to 1:24, 1:35, 1:48 to 1:72). 

The scale size really all depends on the size of the real life object it is you’re modelling! The number on the left side of the colon (usually 1) represents the model. The number on the right side indicates how many times larger the real life object is compared to the model’s size. 

Because we have so many large military craft our models tend to be scaled down a lot. For example, many of our fighter planes are 1/48 in size. We have Star Wars AT-AT models that are an awesome 1/144 in scale. And this USS Gato submarine has a scale of 1/700 — so you can really imagine how big it is in real life. 

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We also stock all the right tools for you to get the most out of your models. Including decal solutions, paintbrushes, paint sets including acrylic paint and weathering products. And all from reputable brands such as AK interactive.