Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Dreadnought 1918

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Kit features;
  • Length: 461.7mm, beam: 80mm, parts: 630 + pcs
  • Photo etch parts included x 3 frets 
  • 2 x types of flags included
  • Metal chain length included
  • Name plate included
  • Paint call outs for Mr Hobby, Vallejo, Model Master, Tamiya, Humbrol
  • 2014 boxing of the 2012 new tooled kit
HMS Dreadnought entered service with the Royal Navy in 1906 & at this time she was the most advanced battleship in the world. In fact so revolutionary was her design all subsequent battleships that followed her were known as Dreadnoughts, all those before her were known as pre-Dreadnoughts & were now effectively obsolete.

From 1907 until 1911 Dreadnought would serve as the flagship of the Home Fleet.

She was the first battleship of her era to have a uniform main battery of guns , rather than a few larger guns complimented by a heavy secondary armament of smaller guns. Dreadnought was powered by steam turbines, which was also a first & made her the fastest battleship in the world. This would cause a Naval arms race in particular with Germany in the build up to WWI.

During WWI she would not get to use her designed ability to fight against other warships with her main armament, but did sink German submarine U-29 by ramming it, this is the only confirmed sinking of a submarine by a battleship. Dreadnought would miss the Battle of Jutland as she was being refitted at the time & in May 1916 would be relegated to coastal defence duties of the English Channel, & would not rejoin the Grand Fleet until 1918.

HMS Dreadnought had a top speed of 21 knots & was armed with 10 x 12-inch guns, 27 x 12-pounder guns & 5 x 18-inch torpedo tubes


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