Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Exeter

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Kit features;
  • Length: 500.8mm, Beam: 49.7mm, Parts: 330+pcs
  • Photo etch parts including railings 
  • Flags included
  • Stand included
  • Name plate included
  • Paint call outs for Mr Hobby, Vallejo, Acrysion, Model Master, Tamiya, Humbrol
  • 2018 new tooled kit
HMS Exeter was a York Class Heavy Cruiser built by the Royal Navy during the 1920s. When WWII began she was tasked with patrolling South American waters to counter German commerce raiders. Exeter along with fellow Royal Navy Cruisers Ajax & Achilles would encounter & engage German Pocket Battleship Admiral Graf Spee in what became known as the Battle of the River Plate.

During the battle Exeter would suffer heavy damage including A & B turrets being knocked out, being set on fire amidships, damage to the ships fire control & navigation circuits & a seven degree list with flooding. So determined was her crew & Captain Bell during the engagement, seeing his ship in a damaged state Bell even considered ramming the German ship if possible. This action was not necessary as the Admiral Graf Spee suffering damage herself retreated to the safety of a neutral harbour.

After over a year of damage repair Exeter would enter the war in the Far East. She would join the joint American-British-Dutch-Australian Command in the defence of the Dutch East Indies. Exeter took part in the Battle of the Java Sea against the Japanese but in the second battle of the same name she would meet her fate after being finished off & sunk by torpedo from Japanese Destroyers. 

Although the Japanese would rescue 652 of her crew some 152 of these would die as prisoners of war.  

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