Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Hood
Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Hood
Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Hood
Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Hood
Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Hood

Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Hood

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  • Length: 749.4mm, Beam: 59.5mm, Parts: 533 pcs
  • Photo etch included
  • Display stand included
  • Name plate included
  • Full hull or waterline hull versions option included
  • Flags included
  • Paint call outs for - Mr Hobby
  • 2006 new tooled kit

HMS Hood was originally designed as one of a class of four Admiral class Battlecruisers, but would be the only one of her class to be built. When she was completed in 1920 HMS Hood was the largest & heaviest war ship in the world, with an overall length of 262.3m. a beam of 32.0m & displaced some 42560t.

For nearly twenty years Hood would travel the world on numerous show the flag operations her size & prominence making her the focal point of the Royal Navy. Being employed on patrols in northern waters when war broke out she was an elderly ship with desperate need for modernisation, with her operational value in the 1930s preventing the Royal Navy taking her out of service.

In May 1941 when German Battleship Bismarck & her escorting Cruiser Prince Eugen broke out from Norway to attack Allied shipping, HMS Hood & new Battleship HMS Prince of Wales were ordered to intercept. On the morning of 24th May 1941 the two British ships had located the Bismarck with fire commencing at 05.25 at a range of 25,000 yards.

Whilst steering towards the German ships to close the range the Bismarck would score a hit on Hood with her 3rd salvo close to the main mast setting her on fire. At 05.55 the British ships began to turn broadside to the Germans to allow all their main armament to fire. As they did so Bismarck's 5th salvo would hit the Hood causing a devastating explosion, probably from a detonation in her magazines. The thousand foot high explosion would break the ship in two, with her sinking in less than two minutes. Of the 1,415 crew there would be only 3 survivors.   

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Product Code TU05302
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