Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Repulse 1941

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  • Precise reproduction of HMS Repulse in 1941
  • Length: 692mm, Beam: 89.6mm, Parts: 600+pcs
  • Photo etch included
  • Display stand included
  • Name plate included
  • Full hull or waterline hull versions option included
  • Flags included
  • Paint call outs for - Mr Hobby, Vallejo, Model Master, Tamiya & Humbrol
  • 2009 new tooled kit
HMS Repulse was a Renown class Battlecruiser & was built in Scotland, being completed in 1916. During the inter war years Repulse would see extensive refits, improvements & modernisation including improved deck armour, a hanger & catapult for aircraft & a greatly increased anti-aircraft gun battery.

She would go on to serve with the Home fleet in the North Sea & Atlantic during the first years of WWII & took part in the pursuit of the German Battleship Bismarck in 1941. Later in the year she would be fatefully sent to the Far East along with the new modern Battleship HMS Prince of Wales. The two ships arrived at Singapore just before Japan began the Pacific War.

As soon as hostilities commenced, both ships steamed northwards to intercept a reported invasion force. While returning to Singapore, Repulse & Prince of Wales were attacked by Japanese high level bombers & torpedo bombers. Repulse was moderately damaged by bombs in the early action & was later hit by several torpedoes. After receiving this heavy underwater damage, she sank rapidly, followed less than an hour later by Prince of Wales.

The sinking of these two ships by action with aircraft can arguably be seen as the turning point for war at sea. Navy's would no longer see the Battleship as the most important & decisive warships in the fleet, instead the age of the Aircraft Carrier would begin.  


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