Trumpeter 1/700 HMS Ark Royal 1939

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Kit features;
  • Length: 348.2mm, beam: 41.2mm, parts: 310+pcs
  • Decals included
  • Name plate included
  • Photo etch included
  • Waterline model
  • Aircraft included - Fairey Swordfish, Fulmar Mk.I, Blackburn Skua
  • Paint call outs for Mr Hobby, Vallejo, Model Master, Tamiya, Humbrol
  • 2018 new tooled kit
HMS Ark Royal was an aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy that served in the Second World War.

Designed in 1934 to fit the restrictions of the Washington Naval Treaty, HMS Ark Royal was completed in 1938. Her design differed from that of other previous aircraft carriers. She was the first ship where the hangers & flight deck were an integral part of the hull, instead of an add on or part of the superstructure.

She was designed to carry a large amount of aircraft & had two hanger decks. Seeing service at the time when Naval air power was first seeing extensive use, many carrier tactics were developed & refined aboard HMS Ark Royal.

HMS Ark Royal served in some of the most active Naval theatres of WWII. She was involved in the first aerial & U-boat kills of the war, as well as taking part in operations of Norway & the Malta convoys. She famously took part in the hunt for the German battleship Bismarck where her Swordfish torpedo bombers damaged the Bismarck's rudder ultimately sealing her fate.

Surviving several near misses HMS Ark Royal gain a reputation as a 'luck ship' with the Germans incorrectly reporting her sunk on several occasions.

HMS Ark Royal was sunk in November 1941 after being torpedoed by German Submarine U-81. Her sinking was the subject of several inquirers as investigators were keen to how she was lost despite efforts to save the ship by towing her to Gibraltar. Finding several design flaws that had contributed to her sinking, designers were able to correct these on future British carriers.  

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