Trumpeter Tools Modelling Brushes (7 piece set)

Product code: TRU09900
  • Set contains 7 paint brushes
  • Specially designed for modelling
  • 3 x pointed brushes in sizes 00, 01, 02
  • 4 x flat brushes in sizes 01, 03, 05, 08
  • Suitable for a variety of modelling tasks such as weathering, detail painting, dry brushing and many more.
This Trumpeter Tools Modelling Brush set contains 7 different brushes in both round pointed varieties to perform a large range of modelling tasks such as many different types of weathering, detail painting, dry brushing & paint mixing to name but a few.

The back of the product packaging contains several diagrams with helpful tips on how to use & care for the brushes as well as some of their uses.

This would make a good inexpensive starter set of paint brushes for those just starting in the hobby or for people looking for an inexpensive set of paint brushes to perform the tasks that they want to keep their best expensive brushes away from. 

GTIN 9580208099002
Brand Trumpeter
Product Code TRU09900
Weight 0.07kg