Ultimate Glue Bottle Holder (for Mr Hobby)

Product code: UMP086
£4.99 £4.16 (ex. VAT)
  1. Holds Mr Hobby glue bottles securely & helps prevent spills
  2. Grey Colour
  3. 3D printed product

* Glue not included

Ultimate Glue Bottle Holder (for Mr Hobby) has been designed to securely hold your bottle of Mr Hobby Cement & help prevent it spilling.

Spilling your plastic Cement can be a disaster for your cutting mat - not to mention your model. These Glue Holders from Ultimate Modelling Products will bring you peace of mind & allow you to work in a safe way.

This product can be used for all Mr Hobby glue bottles.   

Brand Ultimate Modelling Products
Product Code UMP086
Weight 0.015kg