Ultimate Modellers Sanders Multi Pack (x 4)

Product code: UMP013
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  • Pack contains 4 x sanders
  • 100/180 grit, 220/220 grit, 400/800 grit, 240/1200 grit
  • Specifically designed for modelling
  • Long lasting & washable
  • Designed to aid the natural movement of the hand & wrist
Ultimate Modelling Sanders Starter Pack are specifically designed for modelling & are long lasting preventing them getting worn out quickly meaning you will not have to replace them often.

These sanders are also washable helping to maintain their quality, simply wash in tepid water with a drop of detergent if needed & allow to dry thoroughly. 

Ultimate Modelling Sanders have a cleaver design that aids the natural movement of the hand & wrist allowing a free arching motion instead of a forced & corrected straight motion, meaning they are easy & comfortable to use.

Top Tip - With sanding grits the smaller the number the more abrasive the sander. As a general rule, its best to start with a more abrasive sander then progress your way through to the lower grits, buffers & polishers to obtain a perfect finish.

GTIN 5060376670127
Brand Ultimate Modelling Products
Product Code UMP013
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