Ultimate Primer Grey 120ml

Product code: UMP027
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  • Grey colour
  • Water based acrylic polyurethane surface primer
  • Self levelling
  • No thinning required
  • Advised application with 0.4 or larger needle 
  • 120ml size container
  • Shake well before use
Ultimate Primer Grey 120ml is a water based polyurethane self levelling surface primer. This product is easy to apply, offers excellent adhesion, is very durable & dries to a hard flat finish.

This product can be applied by airbrush with a 0.4 or larger needle size at a recommended 20psi-30psi with no thinning required & can also be applied by brush, it can be painted over within 30 minutes & fully cures within 24 hours. 

Ultimate Primer is designed to used on styrene, plastics, resin, metal, wood & as well as other substances.

Starting your painting process with a layer of Primer is always a good idea, this not only will allow the following layers of paint to adhere to the surface of your model much better, it will also help fill any micro scratches from sanding that may still be present. 

Priming also can show any surface imperfections that may have been hard to spot, allowing you to correct these at this early painting stage.

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Brand Ultimate Modelling Products
Product Code UMP027
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