Vallejo Airbrush Cleaning Pot

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Set contains -
  • 1 x  250ml glass airbrush cleaning pot 
  • 1 x plastic lid
  • 1 x airbrush hanger
  • 1 x support
  • 3 x filters
Vallejo Airbrush Cleaning pot is an essential tool to use when using your airbrushes as it allows you to clean your airbrushes by spaying leftover paint or cleaning products into it & contains all the particles this makes within the pot keeping your workspace clean of impurities.

When you have the need to remove the contents of your airbrush when cleaning simply insert the airbrush into the opening on the plastic lid & spray the contents into the glass container. Because of the filter the air coming out of the airbrush cleaning pot will be clean & free of impurities. It also allows you to work in a cleaner manner that will stop you getting paint where it is not wanted.

The built in metal support of the cleaning pot helps to keep it steady & secure when in use & the airbrush hanger gives you somewhere to rest your airbrush either in use or to store it when finished.


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Brand Vallejo
Product Code VAL26005
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