Zona 4 in 1 Razor Saw Set

Product code: S-PSA35/140
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  • High quality 4 in 1 razor saw set with wooden handle
  • 1 x Fine Kerf (32 T.P.I), 1 x Ultra Thin Kerf (52 T.P.I.), 1 x Large Saber (24 T.P.I.) & 1x Keyhole (24 T.P.I.)
  • Ideal for use with plastic, resin or wood
  • Interchangeable blades
Zona 4 Iin 1 Razor Saw Set is a high quality tool perfect for use with plastic, resin or wood & has a variety of interchangeable blades all in one handy set.

The wooden handle makes this razor saw comfortable for you to use.

Zona is the worlds leading manufacturer of razor saws in the hobby industry & this 4 in 1 razor saw set is the perfect choice for those looking to cut plastic, resin or wood.
  1. Fine Kerf 32 T.P.I. .254mm x 13.9cm x 3cm
  2. Ultra Thin Kerf 52 T.P.I. .203mm x 11.4.cm x 1.1cm
  3. Large Saber 24 T.P.I. .558mm x 11.4cm
  4. Keyhole 24 T.P.I. .558mm x 5.7cm

GTIN 792024351403
Brand Zona
Product Code S-PSA35/140
Weight 0.165kg